Feathers, fur, prickles and tails...

Published on Thursday, 26 November, 2020

Mini bowls, developed during the first Lockdown, we first made six different floral designs for the Artists Support pledge scheme, to be suitable they had to be under £200 and postable..

With our studio closed to the public during this second lockdown, less time for our personal work and a socially distanced Christmas in prospect, we have returned to the mini bowl as a way to make some accessible and giftable pieces.

Woodland Creatures are a collection of nine new mini bowls that we have decided to release as limited editions, this means that we will only ever make ten of each design.

Each piece will follow the layout and pattern of the original design however they will still be unique pieces as there has to be a new drawing made to fit each hand cut and carved individual bowl.

I have always enjoyed the drawing element of our glass work but with this woodland collection there is a real shift in my focus. I approached each piece as a composition, a picture rather than a pattern.

I have been gradually developing a visual language and this year especially has really changed my approach to my work and I feel a confidence in beginning to explore the subjects that I love, animals, nature and the decorative arts.

One of each woodland design will be available from our website at 10am on Friday 27th November as part of the @digitalcraftfestival. We will also be opening the order book for each editioned design.

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Leaf Bottles

Published on Monday, 23 November, 2020

Developed during lockdown.. Leaf bottles are the new addition to our studio ranges.

Once we were through the first few weeks of the Lockdown we were so grateful to be able to return to our studio safely as a family bubble, even though it was intermittently and for just three hours at a time. We had our young sons at home with us and we all did our best to make the most of what we could still do.

Being creative was one of the ways that we coped with that difficult time and the Leaf bottle design comes from that very unique Spring, when exploring and making new ideas was an expression of hope.

The stoppers are sculpted from clear glass and the bases blown and flattened, we love the simplicity of the forms and the interaction between them.

Our first ‘Forest’ of these pieces were exhibited at the Paragon Gallery in Cheltenham when the first Lockdown was lifted and it was such a joy to see them in a real life exhibition where they could be seen and enjoyed.

We have given them a place within our Studio ranges and they will remind us that inspiration can come from anywhere, including adversity.

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Summer Dish

Published on Wednesday, 5 August, 2020

Summer Dish is a recently completed private commission. It is always exciting for us to work with people on bespoke pieces, the commission process is an enjoyable one that takes our work in interesting directions that we would not have gone by ourselves.

Collaborating with our customers provides a constant source of inspiration to us and it is so rewarding to create objects that have personal meaning intrinsically woven into them.

In this case the client wanted a mixed floral piece to include Dahlia and Fuschia flowers.

Despite the distance and the coronavirus restrictions we were easily able to communicate about colours, shapes and ideas with drawings and photographs by email. The outcome is a unique and bespoke piece made to suit our customer perfectly.